Our Staff


Our Staff

Our staff is experienced and caring. Good Day is active in many professional and business organizations including the New Jersey Association for the Education of Young Children, the New Jersey and National Child Care Association and the local Chamber of Commerce.

Good Day Teacher JeniFull-Day

Miss Jeni joined the Good Day staff in 2004 as a teacher’s assistant.  She later became the teacher of the Full Day class after graduating from college. Lately, Miss Jeni and her husband Dan have been very busy because they recently became new parents of twins, Ozzi and Kayli. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her nieces, Kaya Jane and Tesla Nikole. When Miss Jeni isn’t at Good Day, she can usually be found in a pool where she is a lifeguard/swim teacher as well. She also has two dogs named Hershey and Reese’s. Can you guess what Miss Jeni’s favorite candies are?

Miss PattyPre-K

Miss Patty is our Pre-Kindergarten teacher as well as the Head Teacher for all of the staff at Good Day. She has been the Pre-K teacher for 17 years. Previously, she taught Pre-K at two different schools giving her a total of 31 years teaching experience…wow! She takes pride in making her students independent and ready for a successful journey into Kindergarten and beyond. Outside of the classroom, Miss Patty and her husband, Lou, have two children, Amanda, 22 and Louie, 19. They also have two dogs named Fiona and Belle. Miss Patty loves spending time with her family, going to the beach, reading, and enjoying some yummy chocolate.

Good Day Teacher Miss JanetPreschool

Miss Janet is our Preschool teacher. She has been teaching at Good Day for the past 10 years. Miss Janet has a very nurturing and bubbly personality, making her a perfect fit for teaching our youngest little munchkins. While not at Good Day, Miss Janet loves spending time with her husband, Ray, stepdaughter Caitlyn, 19, and her children Hannah, who is 9 years old and Jeremy who is 7. They enjoy taking their dog, Daphne for walks, going to the pool and the beach, reading, and playing games. Running is one of Miss Janet’s favorite activities. Some of her favorite treats are Peanut M & M’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Good Day Teacher Miss CherylKindergarten

Miss Cheryl is our Kindergarten teacher. She began her teaching career at Good Day in 2001 when she worked as a teacher’s assistant. Prior to becoming the Kindergarten teacher in 2005, she was the teacher of the Full Day class. Miss Cheryl loves to teach her students about many different topics, but her favorite things to teach about are animals and the weather because she loves them both! Most importantly, she gives her students a solid foundation to build on for the rest of their school career. Miss Cheryl is married to her husband, Ron, and has two sons; Steven who is 21 and Nicholas who is 19. When she is not at Good Day, she loves to spend time outside going for long walks and she loves spending time with her family. Guess what? Miss Cheryl has a very big sweet tooth!

Good Day Teacher and Owner Miss AmyOwner/Director

Miss Amy is the Owner/Director of Good Day Preschool and Kindergarten. She began her teaching career at Good Day in 1995. Her love of children prompted Ms. Amy and her husband to buy the school in 2002. Even though Miss Amy is very busy being the director of the school, she absolutely loves to teach! Therefore, she spends time each day as a teacher’s assistant in the Kindergarten class. Her smile can win over anyone, even if they are having a rough day! Miss Amy is married to her husband, Stephen, and they have two sons, Mason who is 11 and Collin who is 7. She loves jogging, going to the shore; jet skiing, eating tomatoes and pineapple, and spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite treats are mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate covered pretzels.